100 Ways to Fail at Blogging

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100 Ways to Fail at Blogging

This is the crap I think about all the time when it comes to blogging. I’m guilty of many, do very little of it right and try real hard to get better at some stuff while not caring about others.

So, here they are:

My Idea of 100 Ways to Fail at Blogging!

Think Like This:

  1. “It’s too hard.”
  2. “That’s impossible!”
  3. “That’ll never work.”
  4. “That’s not what people wanna’ hear.”
  5. “All the good ideas are taken.”
  6. “Ugh…I gotta’ blog again?”
  7. “What’s my domain name again?”
  8. “I bet Digital Point has the answer!”
  9. “I know everything!”
  10. “The movie Ted sucks.”
  11. “I’m not making money so this blog sucks.”
  12. “I can’t blog.”
  13. “I can’t code.”
  14. “I can’t install WordPress.”
  15. “I can’t think of a good domain name.”
  16. “I can’t think of anything to blog about.”
  17. “The ‘A-list’ bloggers are smarter than I am!”
  18. “Why aren’t these stupid people reading my blog?”
  19. “Why do the search engines hate me?”
  20. “What the hell is Google?”

 Don’t Think Like This:

  1. “I will…”
  2. “That’s too easy.”
  3. “Lovin’ life, Livin’ the dream!”
  4. “I love my blog!”
  5. “Ooh, Ooh!  That’s a great idea for a blog post!”
  6. “The only way to improve is to fail.”
  7. “What can I do different?”
  8. “What’s the next big thing?”
  9. “Time to relax for a bit.”
  10. “I need help.  Who can I ask?”
  11. “What can I do to promote my blog?”
  12. “What am I NOT doing that I could be doing?”
  13. “Where is Seth Godin when you need him?”
  14. “What can I discover online today?”
  15. “Who can I promote and expect nothing in return from today?”
  16. “I don’t care about money!”  (You do and you’re lying to yourself!)
  17. “Where can I guest post?”
  18. “How can I improve my skills as a blogger?”
  19. “Where is the nearest library?”
  20. This video rocks!

Don’t Emulate These People:

  1. Felicia at No Job For Mom
  2. Pat at Smart Passive Income
  3. Yaro at Entrepreneurs Journey
  4. Daniel at Daily Blog Tips
  5. Johnny at Johnny B Truant
  6. Leo at Zen Habits
  7. Marcus at the Sales Lion

Try to “Be Just Like” These Bloggers:

  1. Felicia at No Job For Mom
  2. Pat at Smart Passive Income
  3. Yaro at Entrepreneurs Journey
  4. Daniel at Daily Blog Tips
  5. Johnny at Johnny B Truant
  6. Leo at Zen Habits
  7. Marcus at the Sales Lion

Do This:

  1. Blog just for money
  2. Make your blog impersonal
  3. Clutter your pages with advertising.
  4. Take no pride in blogging.
  5. Take no pride in yourself.
  6. Iron your jeans.
  7. Pack keywords into your blog posts.
  8. Have a really bad theme that’s hard to navigate.
  9. Search for “Adsense ready” themes.
  10. Update your blog twice a year.
  11. Pay no attention to Google Analytics.
  12. Care more about your email list then responding to your mother’s email.
  13. Ignore your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.
  14. Pay more attention to the Google PR tool bar than your kid’s grades.
  15. Offer your blog as a “guest post” spot on Fiverr.com.
  16. Expect to make money blogging right away.
  17. Not listen to music that you like while creating content.
  18. Not have an RSS feed or social sharing buttons on your blog!
  19. Think anything written by Darren Rowse will make you smart and rich.
  20. Pay half a penny per word for your blog content and think it will make you rich.
  21. Start a blog about something you don’t care about.
  22. Think about starting a blog based on the CPC per Google Keyword Tool.  (Unless you love it!)
  23. Drink red wine and make a “100 ways to fail at blogging” post.  Eeshh!

Don’t Do This:

  1. Write for readers first.
  2. Write for search engines next.
  3. Tell Google to go eff themselves.
  4. Keep on-page SEO in mind.
  5. Comment on other blogs.
  6. Link to other bloggers.
  7. Continuously be in a learning frame of mind.
  8. Really want to help other people.
  9. Care about your readers.
  10. Pay attention to, and love, your family to blog.
  11. Embrace the Blogging to the Bank affiliate program.
  12. Respond to comments.
  13. Know how to ignore your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ accounts.
  14. Have patience.
  15. Be honest in everything you write.
  16. Check out some of the very valuable gigs provided on Fiverr.com.
  17. Subscribe to Blogging Tips for Dads.
  18. Provide a way for readers to subscribe to your blog.
  19. Read anything written by Seth Godin.
  20. Write your own content.
  21. Proofread your content.  (You’ll still eff up, though!)
  22. Join Dizzle.com
  23. Network with other bloggers to help you out.

That’s it!  Those are my 100 Ways to Fail at Blogging!  Good Luck!

Make Babies, Make Blogs

Blogging Dude out!

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