5 Very Simple Timesaving SEO Hacks


5 Very Simple Timesaving SEO Hacks

SEO is really important part of online marketing and can really help boost your online presence. But the problem with SEO is often the fact that it does take some time to get your content optimized and keep creating new SEO effective content.

Here are five very simple SEO hacks that can help you save a lot of time with your SEO.

1. Use Internal Search Data For Keywords

You most likely have a search bar in your own business website (if you don’t you must implement it!) and this is very useful when it comes to keywords. When people search within your website you can clearly see the kind of things your exciting customers are looking for.

Implementing these in your SEO will give you plenty of boosts because you are actually using data that your own customers have created. It can really help give your keywords more focus.

2. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google has plenty of great tools that make SEO much simpler. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner is definitely something you should consider implementing in to your SEO strategy.

You can go for the programme and make the tool search for keyword and ad group ideas for you. By adding your own landing page in there, you can run a search and get plenty of keyword suggestions for your own website. It is very clever way of making your SEO much more targeted.

3. Use A Combination Of Javascript Tags With Google Tag Manager

Another Google product to use is the Google Tag Manager. You should definitely combine it together with javascript tags. This is a clever way of making your site work a little bit smoother as well as making SEO tagging a lot easier across your different sites.

The Online Behavior article gives plenty of good tips for using Google Tag Manager and it is worth checking out.

4. Use Different Optimization Tools For Directories

It is also a good idea to consider implementing different optimisation tools for directories. For example, the Bright Local clever SEO tools can help boost the way your business uses directories for its advantage. These directories can be crucial especially now when people are searching more and more on their mobile phones.

This is definitely a development that you need to understand when coming up with SEO strategies for your business.

5. Use Google Authorship

The last time saving hack to implement is the Google Authorship option. This is crucial for anyone who wants to boost SEO and it is something that many businesses are unfortunately missing out on at the moment.

Make sure you look into the different ways of implementing it on your website because there are different ways of doing it. The key is that you pick something that works for you and you really can boost your online presence with this simple little change.

The above five SEO hacks are definitely worth trying out. They can help you save plenty of time with your SEO and ensure that you make the most out of the little tools available for businesses as well as private individuals.

Tony Goodfellow is really into finding the newest SEO tips. He is really into making tips simple and loves to find technology to simplify many tasks. He is also passionate about athletics.

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