Bidding Sites Can Give You Jobs And Blogs: Outsource Your Work Or Just Work There


Bidding Sites Can Give You Jobs And Blogs: Outsource Your Work Or Just Work There

Not every dad in the world is a writer. We should all understand that. Heck, just because you own, run, and manage blogs doesn’t even mean you write a single word. Some people don’t understand that. Many people think that bloggers are reclusive weirdoes that sit at home all day and just write post after post…and some, like me, are just that. Dads do whatever dads have to do to make their home business work for them!

There are two alternatives that you have and either way works great. In my experience, the people that are maestros at web design, code, and all that yucky stuff don’t like a lick of writing. And the same goes the other way; many writers abhor thinking about diddling with web sites and trying to figure code out. “I could be writing!” they say.

Odesk is a freelance bidding site. People and businesses post jobs that need to be done and freelancers and small businesses bid on those jobs. You see where this is going, dads?

Okay, here it is in a nutshell: You’re a freelancing, work at home web designer. You can come up with those eye-popping, mouth-watering niche blogs that everybody loves. (Crossing my arms, looking around these digs proudly) However, you don’t know how to write a 300-400 word, SEO-rich post. What do you do? You outsource it to a freelancer at a site like Odesk.

Again, the opposite is easy to happen for us writing dads. You have a great idea for a money sucking website that you just KNOW is going to make you rich. But, how the heck do you make it? Presto! You outsource it to a content/article/blog write on Odesk!

But Wait…There’s More!

Oh, there’s always more! (Just like every excuse you’ve ever heard from your kids and exactly like a shopping excursion with the spouse.) Ready?

What’s to say you’re not one of those writers/web designers that is already registered on Odesk or Elance or Freelancer? You see? I know, this is what I do and I’ll tell ya’…so far it works great!

It takes a little bit of self-control but you can do it. I write for clients on Odesk and Elance and ALWAYS leave about 25%-35% of my earnings in my accounts there. That way when I need a web design guru I just use that money to fund the project.

I’ve always wanted to do this and now I am and it’s working. I was always jealous of my step-dad because he is a fireman and a carpenter. He gets lobster free. He gets electrical work free. You know how? When someone needs a door replaced or their lawn deck fixed, he does it…for free. Using these bidding sites isn’t much different from that. Build a network. Acquire some favorite providers of both work and services and you’ll soon be working to better your blogs no matter what you do!

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