Blog Posts: Is there a “Best” Word Count?


Blog Posts: Is there a “Best” Word Count?

I’ve noticed lately that my blog posts on some of my other blogs have gotten to be a little lengthy, while others remain short and sweet. My Blog Content Writing site can have posts that range from 600-1000+ words long. Ditto’ for my Residual Income Site. However, here at Blogging Tips for Dads, my Android app review site and my “niche” site for Military Spouses…the blog posts usually stay between 350 and 500 words long.

I started to do some thinking, as all who blog for money do, that perhaps I was hurting my blogs by being too length or too short in my posts. I did some research and came upon this article by Simple SEO Group titled, How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

And basically, the article answered my questions. It’s okay to have short blog posts, medium blog posts and gargantuan blog posts because they all serve a purpose. (Read the article!)

Tips for the Length and Quality of Blog Posts

Why Short Blog Posts?

Announcements. “Breaking News” stories to beat the rush and then go back and lengthen them. I don’t know. None of my posts are usually less than 300 words but the Simple SEO article mentions them.

Medium Length Blog Posts Are Optimal I Think

People don’t have much time these days and they want to be done with a bog post in about 4-7 minutes, IMHO.

They want to scan for the information, or entertainment, they’re looking for and then bounce back to that excel spread sheet they’re working on or to the project at hand. Maybe they want finish that chapter of “50 Shades of Grey”…naughty!

But that doesn’t mean you should cheapen a good article by leaving information out in favor of word count. If you can say it in 500-750 words, that’s cool. If you can’t then add the goods, man!

Long Blog Posts-When Needed!

If someone wants to know how to put together an Imperial Cruiser Lego set and you have a Lego blog and the expertise…then run with it. You can break it up for easier consumption if you want to and then link all the articles together once they’re done. However, people like me are sort of compulsive and I’d be pissed if had to wait a few days or a week for your next article and to get my project done.

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