Blogging and Baseball


Blogging and Baseball

Some people will find it hard to believe that to be considered a good major league baseball hitter all you have to do is get a hit about 30% of the time you’re at the plate.  A good baseball hitter will hit around .300 every year and, if they have a lifetime batting average over .300 with enough qualifying at-bats, then they’re likely to go to the Hall of Fame.

People find this ironic because they obviously don’t understand the difficulty of hitting a 97-MPH fastball or an 87-MPH change-up thrown in succession.  They don’t understand.  They don’t know the game.

The same goes for people who are just starting out blogging or don’t blog at all.  They just don’t understand.

To create a successful blog you’ll probably have to fail at a few blogs.  I really believe that.

Actually, to the truly gifted ones and the “naturals”…they won’t understand it either.  And let’s not forget the lucky ones!  The guy or gal who created a very successful blog their first time around won’t understand the struggles that most go through with blogging.

Funny that the same, I don’t think, can be said of naturally great baseball hitters.  I mean, they might not understand how a person can’t hit a baseball with a bat, but I’m willing to bet they understand how hard it is to hit .300…

Am I losing anyone here?

Reason for this Blog Post

My partner and I have a pretty good thing going on over at Life After the Army.  The site is only about 6 months old but has reached a PR3 and pretty good traffic rankings in that time.  Curtez has done most of the heavy lifting with the site (actually, I kind of didn’t do anything for 3 months…my bad, C!) but I’m proud to be part of it.

Out of the many blogs that I have created, or been part of, Life After… is the most successful.  Maybe it was the niche.  Maybe the timing.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’m batting well below .300 as a blogger..more like .100!  LOL!

Let’s keep this short, though:

My point is this.  Don’t ever give up.  When you find success, be thankful for it.  After you’re thankful for it then grab that son-of-a-bitch by the neck and work the hell out of it.  Make it better!   Okay, so I lost the baseball tie-in along the way but, hey, it helped with the post!

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