Blogging For Money: My Revenue after 100 Posts


Blogging For Money: My Revenue after 100 Posts

Everyone wants to blog for money. Before you actually get into it though you should probably read this post. Blogging has brought me a lot of joy and I’ve learned tons about making money online in the last 96 days, but after 100 posts I thought the revenue and the “making money” part would have been a lot easier. Rookie mistake.

I guess some would find this kind of embarrassing to do but I don’t. As it says in my About page, “I’m gonna’ make money blogging. Wanna’ come along?” The “gonna” inferred a future profit, but like I said it’s the intangibles of “learning to blog for money” that I’ve been concentrating on thus far. I’ve gotten’ some great advice, learned a ton from lots of people, and met some really cool dudes and dudettes along the way. So, without further ado..

Note: I operate 4 other self-hosted blogs and 4 other Blogger sites. All stats are related to Blogging For Dads and only. It is the site that I have put the most work into, but I’ll briefly talk about the others at the end.

Since July 17th, 2011 When Blogging For Dads Went Live

Visitors/Page Reads

Per Google Analytics: 2,222 Visits/1,280 Uniques 7,845 Page Views TOS: 05:55 Bounce Rate: 42.62%

Per “Count Per Day” WP Pluging: 11,195 Visits, 20,506 Page Views

Total Revenue Stats In That Time (Google Adsense): 4,980 Page Views, 20 Clicks for $8.77

Total Revenue Affiliate Products: 0

I have had banners for Blog Mastermind, Blogging 2 The Bank, Tweet Attacks, SocialOomph, AWeber, Hostgator and NameCheap. Some clicks, no buys.

Note: I also occasionally throw a SocialMonkee banner up and have linked it into a few of my blog’s newsletters and have gotten 6 referrals from it. When I get 12 I get an updated premium membership but make no money from it.

RSS Subscribers Via Feedburner: 13 (though some of those are in my Hubs)

Email Subscribers through my Aweber pop-up: 26

Now For What I Did Earn:

Like I said, what my blogging for money has been about so far has been learning how to do it. Here’s a short list of what I have learned about so far. I know I’m just scratching the surface of knowledge but I’ve learned a great deal about:


SEO, Keyword research, tags, H1, H2,H3…that kind of stuff.

Email Marketing

Blog Posts: Authenticity, frequency, and quality.





Social Media/Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Programs

Good Bloggers

Bad Bloggers

Good People

Bad People

Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, Infolinks

And a ton of other shit. I have so many eBooks that I may have to write a post about them someday.


It Hasn’t Been One Big Blogging Failure

I have made some money online blogging. My niche site on weight loss has brought in $35 in its first month and so far, in November, we’re on pace for a $50 to $60 dollar month. The bad news is that I didn’t create that blog. I bought it on Flippa.

However, just using the dashboard and plugins that the creator installed has taught me a lot about what I didn’t know so that has been profitable in both ways.

My other self-hosted endeavors haven’t gone well. I don’t make money blogging on them and I don’t really have a passion for them. They’re probably toast unless I have some epiphany of greatness and motivation.

I have a Blogger site, Tips On Web Writing For Money which I pay a lot of attention to. I like writing there but so far no bananas are coming from that monkey. I’m keeping it though!

I have other sites. One for Quaker Parrots over at Blogger and a humorous adoration blog for one of my bosses. I like writing for the web, what can I say? I like being part of the blogging community even if I’m not “Big Blogger” classified yet.

My Promise To My Family, Myself and You

I’m not quitting. Another important thing I’ve learned through 100 posts here and about 3.5 months is that it takes time and patience to make headway in this business.

I’ve already told my wife that when I retire from the military in 3-6 years that I will be making money blogging or in some online kind of way. Her response was, “Cool. I got your back. But it better work”. LOL! It’s great that she was so immediately behind me but also put a lot of pressure on me to make this work.

And I will. My family is that important. I hate to fail at anything. I’d love to be able to buy an RV and travel the country with the wife, the kids and a wireless internet connection.

I’ll keep fiddling around with blogs and learning about blogging and making money online. We’ll do it together, you and I.

I’ll be around for a while.

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