Break Studios: Dad Writing Opportunity

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Break Studios: Dad Writing Opportunity

Ok, Dads and Dudes…we’re back. Up and running again. Ready to rock! So let’s jump right into some legit work at home opportunities for you guys. Break Studios is a fun, easy way to earn some money if you’re a freelance writer with a definite dude tone and style to your writing.

Break Studios runs a series of blogs/sites that deal solely with interests for guys and dudes. I’m assuming that if you’re a work at home dad that you fall into one of those categories but if you don’t then please comment or email me and tell me how.

Where will your writing get published?

Break Studios operates a bunch of sites that are man interest heavy such as;, MadeMan, Holy Taco, Cage Potato, Screen Junkies, and Chickipedia.

They all rank pretty well on search engines and you can use the articles when they get published as linkable writing samples during job bids and in your resume.

How much will you get paid and for what?

Break Studio pays $8 dollars an article. The length has to be between 250 and 700 words and there are several different styles. The most common styles are “Best of” and “About” but the others include “Strategy” and “How-to”.

As long as the article is full of voice, great content, and is written well it doesn’t matter if the article is at the low end or high end of the world count.

What are the topics?

There is where it gets fun, guys! Ever want to write a blog post around the “Best 5 colognes that turn women on”? How about the best adult party games? They’re all fun articles to write. Some of the content requested is racier than others and the gap is kind of wide. There have been articles for the “Best Parts of the Vagina” and “The Top Family Picnic Games”

The topics are always a blast to write, seldom uninteresting (if you’re a content writer then you know what I mean…have you ever been asked to write 500 words on car repair in New London, CT? Ugh…) and they’re always going to be pretty easy to knock out. Not a whole bunch of research is required.

Who do you work with?

The editors are just as much fun as the topics. Stephanie Ocampo, who I especially liked working with and was the content manager, has decided to leave and take another position but her replacement is taking over and she is pretty cool too.

Just produce the content with a distinctive voice and make sure it’s compelling and well written. If you do get editorial requests they are usually minor but for good reason!

How much can you make?

Well, let’s see? How quickly can you turn out an average of 400 words for $8 a pop when you’re somewhat familiar with the content matter? I’d say anywhere between $16 to $24 dollars per hour for a guy with good typing skills. For those who are a little slower on the keyboard it’s probably more like $10 to $16.

It may not be the place to get rich at but it can be a cool place to write during the early morning hours or late at night when you can’t sleep. You have to do something with the time and since you’re a work at home dad you might as well…work.

PS: I don’t get a referral bonus or “kudos” if you write for Break. I just think it’s a cool place to work.

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