Content Writers: Don’t Be A Prostitute


Content Writers: Don’t Be A Prostitute

Okay, I just got done perusing Elance for some writing jobs. Let me start out by saying this: There are some people on that network that actually respect what web content writers do. They appreciate SEO skills, accuracy and quick turn-around times. Then there are job descriptions like this:

“Hello buddies. I need 10 x 1000 word articles on the health care niche. This job will require a lot of research and perfect English grammar. Don’t try to use copied content! I will use copyscape to check everything you do. When you bid make sure you put “this guy is an asshole for even thinking about bidding on this project”. I’m willing to pay $2 per article. Good luck”

bad cheap content

Well, “buddy” let me just send you one big middle finger. Oh, and here’s another. Take this bird and shove it up your cheap, disrespectful ass. How do you like that, buddy?

Writers, Get What You are Worth!

Never get so desperate that you’re willing to humiliate and disrespect yourself for the kind of person who wants your talents and patience for fractions of a penny per word; not to mention the time for research. Doing that is the equivalent of selling your body. I know, sometimes that sounds good, but I hear it isn’t all that glamorous. Evidently there’s this whole dark underbelly to prostitution…

And the more I write for people and actually hear the ludicrous demands that people want from writers and the amount of money they are going to pay for makes me realize that content writing has a similar nasty underbelly.

Where the Underbelly of Content Writing Exists

It exists in the dark alleys and under bridges of, Digital Point and Warrior Forums, Craig’s List and, unfortunately, even a lot of private “professional” content writing services that you’ll find with a simple search on Google. These are the people who actually put out ads like “I’ll do any content writing job for you. $1 for 500 words. PM me with details and contact info”.

And to me this kind of existence actually equates to dirty brothels and face eating incidents. I don’t care where you’re from; you must be doing bath salts to work for that kind of pay. Eat your own face, people!

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