Don’t Say NO to Guest Posting!

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Don’t Say NO to Guest Posting!

5 Reasons Why You Should Guest Posting and Allow Guest Posts

  1. SEO/Back Links:  Everyone is always trying to figure Google algorithm changes out and how to build quality back links.  As a matter of fact, “back links” gets 450k global searches per month according to the Google Keyword tool.  Well, guest posting is a great source of legit back links!  They don’t appear spammy, and they are of the highest quality, because blog and site owners are vetting them as they are published on their personal blogs. (Well, they should be vetting them!)
  2. Authority:  When you guest post places you look like you have a lot of authority, it’s that simple.  Especially if you’re fortunate enough to get a post accepted by one of the really big blogs in your niche.  The more people see your name in those kinds of places the more weight your name will carry.
  3. New Audiences:  With popular blogs and even smaller blogs, you’ll gain a larger, more diverse audience the more you place posts on different sites.  You’ll be able to reach people that may have never known or heard about your blog before-or ever.
  4. Workload: This one goes more in hand with accepting guest posts on your blogs.  If you have more than one blog, or if you’re freelancing, then the time and opportunity to blog as much as you wanted might not be available.  Accepting guest posts is a great way to add content to your blog that is relevant.  Of course you should have standards, though.  The best thing about it is that whatever those standards are, they are YOURS.  Whether it is the type of tone or voice, grammar, subject matter, etc…it doesn’t matter.  All of them should be discerning factors.
  5. Networking:  I recently guest posted on BloggingWP and shortly thereafter the admin, Lee, asked if I would like to start a blog with him where he would promote, write guest posts, and handle advertising while I wrote posts.  Unfortunately, the time for me to start another venture isn’t here right now, but the whole fact that I met someone who wanted to work with me now, or in the future, was worth it.

So, in my opinion, if you love to blog and are looking for any of the 5 factors above, then right now guest posting is the way to go.  Might that change?  I’m not sure.  What I do see happening is some idiot bloggers allowing their sites to become back link farms (you’re already seeing a lot of “guest post” gigs on and getting whacked by Google in the future.  Done correctly and ethically, though, I think guest posting is a legit and effective way of accomplishing a lot for your blogs.

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