Five Tips for Making Your Blog Visually Appealing


Five Tips for Making Your Blog Visually Appealing

A common trend among people is to start their own blogs about their lives, crafts and countless other subjects. But just because you can start your own blog doesn’t mean that it will be appealing for people to read. You will always be able to find people that are interested in the same topics you blog about, but you may not always be able to find people that are willing to read your blog if there are visual issues with the site. Consider these top five tips for making your blog more visually appealing.


A common fallacy with blogs is that it has to be full of content. However when it comes to websites, it is much more visually appealing to leave empty space, also known as white space or dead space. This spaces leads the readers mind to believe that there is not that much to read of contemplate and has been psychologically proven to help the mind focus on what is actually being shown. Don’t be afraid to leave space around the post and between posts and other posts or photos. Compare your blog to some of the top blogs in your industry. Determine what you like and dislike about the blog. Do they have a lot of white space, or do they use colors to fill in the excess space? White space helps to draw the attention of the customers to a particular topic. Adding a picture in the middle of the context can help to draw the reader’s attention to this point, while still using the power of white space around the image.


The idea of blogging may be to tell a story but that does not mean that you should only be using words. Images are an important part to any blog. However, it may be more important to certain types of blogs than others. Consider what type of value a photo would bring to what you are writing about and ad as many photos as you see value too. For example, if you have a crafting blog and are talking about how to make a certain craft, a photo of every step of the process would help the reader to understand, therefore adding a necessary level of value to your blog. This can also be applied to videos. If you think that a video would add value to what you are writing about, then it is an excellent tool to put on your blog. Images can quickly provide valuable information to your reader than you can find with several pages of content. Readers often prefer the images since they are easy to print out and share with others. Create original images directly related to your company versus sharing images from other organizations. This is the best way to grab the reader’s attention as you are sharing new information that they are excited about.


Along with having dead space, format is an important part of making a blog visually appealing and easy to comprehend. Organizing the blog by headings can help people follow different blog posts more easily. Also creating lists with bullets within your blog post will make it easier for people to follow along, especially if it is a “how to” blog. Include a search feature on your blog for the customers to narrow down their search. This can make it easier to serve the customers seeking older posts or specific topics.


Thanks to the large world of video blogging, companies can share their content on their blog and with other sites like YouTube. Connecting these sites allows greater visibility for your company, and gives you a unique opportunity to build your brand. Uploading new videos can provide new links to your website, and your customers can share the content with others using social media accounts. Invest some time into the videos you create so they do not look like you created them with a web camera. If you want to get your customers to watch the videos, ask them to provide feedback. This will allow you to create videos that are specifically tailored to their needs. For additional tips on how to create unique marketing videos click here. The other great aspect of videos is that they do stand out in the middle of a blog post, helping to break up the text so your customers actually find the information they are looking for instead of getting bored in a long post.


We already talked about the use of white space on your blog to break up the text, now the next thing you want to focus on is to add unique headings. Break up the paragraphs with headings that are engaging and give the customer an idea of what they can expect to learn in the following paragraph. Adding the h1 and h2 tags to your blog posts can improve indexing needs for the search engines, which can improve your website ranking.

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