Four Things To Note As A Blogger


Four Things To Note As A Blogger

From my interaction with some bloggers, I have come up with some things to note before you skip into blogging that might also be help if already your put into. I have four points to discuss which are as following

Do Not Thing About Blogging All For Money

Most people think of blogging basically because they have seen others who are in it earning money. Now lemme tell you, if you are not yet a blogger and you wish to start blogging, i will advise you to get the thought of earning from your blog off your mind, not entirely, but for sometime, so as to help you gain a good stand (quality content, and some traffic). If you have got some roots, then you can start applying as a publisher.
Besides, if your blog is still too new and you only have a few content (maybe copy-pasted) then start running ads, it does piss some people off, and that could lead to you losing all the little traffic you got.

Try To Blog About Your Passion:

This is some big problem that has affected many people who just go into blogging without knowing what it’s all about or seeking to know. If you really want to run a blog, run what you love doing, what you are interested in, what you are always attracted to; do not blog about technology because you see everybody doing it or because you think it would generate more money. If you do not blog about your passion, you might wake up one morning and say ‘what the hell am I even doing?’, before you know it, you’ve quit blogging.

Copy Pasting:

This is really not a good one. You logon to someone’s and you kind of like his post and you just copy and paste on your blog… do you think it’s a good idea? Someone has spent a lot of time typing and editing, after all that work, you just copy and paste on your blog all because you want to make some money (with someone else’s post?), what if someone did same to you?
Instead of copying peoples stuff, just take some time, read it over and over again then retype it in your own words, I think that’s better. But that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to start copying peoples stuff *winks*

When To Apply For Adsense:

Do not expect your AdSense application to be accepted when you have just a few content (maybe copy-pasted) and a little or no traffic. I will advice you to be patient, post some quality content, work on your traffic and be patient with your work for like 2 months so that Google will have no reasons to disapprove your application, so long as your niche and content do not go against AdSense policies. That’s how I got my AdSense account, though I worked for like three months before applying and Happy Blogging.

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