Get Freelance Writing Jobs from Surprising Plac


Get Freelance Writing Jobs from Surprising Plac

Many bloggers are freelance writers.  Many freelance writers have a blog that markets their services by providing well written posts and a “Hire Me” page.  This is supposed to work to bring in potential clients.  For some people this works great.  All you have to do is visit Tom over at Leaving Work Behind to see one dude who is truly “getting it done”.  Tom is making residual income through blogging and his freelance writing jobs seem be coming in on auto-pilot solely because of referrals from his blog.

But for many of us, that’s just not the way it works out.  Many of us have to work for every lead and client we get.

However, in the last 48 hours I’ve actually gotten a little taste of Tom’s kind of life.  I have had two clients contact me and give me a couple of hours of work equaling about $140 in pay.

I’m not bragging here…

Just Keep Plugging and Put Your Services Out There

Over the last 3 years I’ve signed up and filled out profiles for many online content writing sites.  The important thing to remember here is to fill out your specialties in the profile section.  By doing that I was able to land a $100 job from a well-known content providing company who is starting a test pool for a client.  Yesterday I was approached and asked if I was interested in a writing assignment on a military topic. Why?  Because my profile stated that I was military and could write on the subject.

The job is for 900-1000 words on a specific, military-related, long-tailed keyword which will take me about 90 minutes to complete.

Are Your Blogs Working for You?

I’ve been plugging away at my Android app blog for a while now.  I’ve made no revenue from advertising on the site.  Well, next to nothing.  However, the site has been able to gather a little bit of momentum and is rising slowly up the Alexa ranks and my daily visitors are inching upwards as well.

Any revenue from that site has been from sponsored Android app reviews.  When I’m not getting paid for a review I just pick an app from the Android Market on Google Play and keep reviewing.  The going rate for a 300-400 word review is currently $40 and when I get orders I love them.  It’s easy to write an app review and takes me close to an hour.  That’s not a bad hourly rate!

Keep on Writing, Keep on Marketing Your Services

Again, this isn’t a gloating post.  This is just a little bit of inspiration for freelance writers out there who are trying to make a couple of extra bucks.  I don’t market myself the way I could if I was a full-time writer.  All I do is keep on blogging and keep on writing and, above all, I BELIEVE that things will turn for the better.  I BELIEVEthat this little dream of making a living online will become a reality.

This is also a little lesson for those of you who don’t have a Google Adsense account, or got banned, like me.  IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT GOOGLE!  You just have to think “outside the box” of PPC ads on your blogs.  Offer something!  Create a product!  Market a service!  Create a blog that does something beside offer ad space!

And, remember:  “The greatest trick the Devil (psst…Google!) ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”

Make Babies.  Make Blogs.

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