Google + and Google +1 For Your Content, Blogs and Businesses


Google + and Google +1 For Your Content, Blogs and Businesses

We all know that we should warn our family and friends that they shouldn’t click on our Google Ads or else we could get banned, right? But, as a blogging dad I realized that my inner-network of family and friends can benefit me a little bit by clicking on the +1 button! Why the hell not? I got tons of kids and family running around.

Google has this whole thing going now where global referrals mean a lot more to search engine results than page rank and know that social media is all the rage. The Google +1 button and Google + take care of both! Go figure! You mean if people actually like your content then your content will have more value in the eyes of the Google Bot and rank higher in search results? Yes, that’s what it means. It’s why everyone is so damn hungry for backlinks! Even the icky, computer manufactured, spammy kind!

Two Birds, One Stone…Equal Mighty Blog!

Everyone is all over the social media bandwagon, too, and that doesn’t exclude Google. Did you hear about that little endeavor they got going called “Google +”? Yeah, it’s the real deal and not the most un-cool thing I’ve ever seen. Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, it is really damned cool. Go check it out!

Anyway, when a person hits the +1 button on your site and content they also get the opportunity to add it to their Google + account stream and page. Like the “Share” or “Like” button on Facebook or the “Tweet” or “Re-Tweet” button on Twitter. The best thing about the +1 button is a person can “+1″ right from the SERPs! You’ve seen it…

And While You’re At It Go Ahead and +1 Yourself!

Again, why the hell not? You’re trying to build your Google + account and following anyway, right? So, your content gets a +1 and it gets posted to your Google+ page!

As a work at home dad or mom we need to be on top of the “next big thing” and if that is truly your aim-to stay on top of the competition and the changing times-then Google + is it!

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