How to Chase Blogs and Learn About Blogging!


How to Chase Blogs and Learn About Blogging!

This is a quick post just to see if anyone else is doing this. If not, then there’s a quick “How to” in here as well!

This is fun stuff that I do every night to learn the art of blogging!

Usually, at the end of the REAL work day (US Army) I chase blogs.

  • After all the real work is done. (US Army, Active)
  • After writing blog posts.
  • After writing guest posts.
  • After chasing down work for my blog writing service.
  • After answering comments.
  • After supper, wine and playing with my pet parrot.
  • I lay in bed and chase blogs.

How to Chase Blogs!

  1. Go to a popular blog in your niche
  2. Read the comments. (You’re bound to find one that entices your interest.)
  3. Click that commenter’s link and see if it takes you to a blog. (Most of the time it will).
  4. Read a post by that blogger.
  5. Read the comments.
  6. Click a link of a comment you like.
  7. Repeat.

BONUS TIP: Leave a comment and link back to your blog! It just may bring in some cool blog chaser traffic!

That’s “Blog Chasing” and it’s what the world wide web (that’s what “www” actually means for all you “Facebook Gen” kids…my kids included). The internet is an intricate web that’s filled with so many smart people that have great ideas and opinions.

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