How to Increase Your Pinterest Readership like a Man


How to Increase Your Pinterest Readership like a Man

Pinterest. For many men, that word might conjure images of fluffy kittens, fluffy cakes and, well, pretty much fluffy everything. Whilst it is true that the demographic of Pinterest is predominately female (a massive 82% as of right now), it means that men who like to blog have an untapped resource to utilize.

If you’re quite creative (or think you are), then Pinterest offers an excellent platform to showcase your talents. Here’s a few ways to increase your readership without compromising your maleness:

We’ve all been there.

Keeping Regular

Like any blog, updating on a regular basis keeps your readers coming back. The great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t always have to keep creating. You can browse and pin images and ideas to your own ‘blog’ (board) that get your message across and inspire you. It can prove simpler than writing at times and people love visual stimulus.


Building a relationship with your readership is essential. Communicate with them. If they comment, strike up a conversation. Pin and re-pin other boards and share. I know this sounds a little feminine but there’s nothing you can’t share.

Well. Almost nothing.

Pinterest has the highest percentage of referral traffic at almost 4.00%. Considering the nearest rival is You Tube at only 1.05% and you can see the potential.

Cover Lots

If you want to increase your readership, then you have to make it appealing to as many people as possible. Cover a wide range of demographics, from teenagers to the elderly. Try to cater for different lifestyles and even nationalities. An idea might be to focus a post on something like ‘living rooms from around the world’ or ‘ideas of fatherhood’.

Some people’s idea of fatherhood differs greatly.

pinterest girlsDescriptions

Just because Pinterest is primarily a visual social media platform doesn’t mean you can’t write a little. You can write descriptions for your pins. They can be up to 500 words, so plenty of room to talk about what you are posting.

Amazing but manly. 

Take a chance

Remember, you are a man. With such a small amount of male readership on Pinterest at the moment, this is the perfect time to really get creative. Throw in pictures and designs that other men will want to see. Use your own experience to form your boards. Don’t be afraid to add pictures of beer cans if they look pretty striking. Add images of cool clothing if they feature your favourite films or television show. Be innovative. And if you find yourself stuck, go with what works.

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