How to Self-Develop Your Blogging Skills, 5 Tips


How to Self-Develop Your Blogging Skills, 5 Tips

I’m in a groove lately with my blogging and I really want to keep it going.  I’ve been posting on my sites regularly (I finally have an editorial calendar of sorts) and even here, at Blogging For Dads, I’ve begun to get some of that passion that I lost for a while, back again.

During the time I was “not blogging” though, I never once stopped developing my blogging skills and learning about the craft.  Actually, I told myself that if I wasn’t going to be blogging regularly for a while then I damn well better keep “my head in the game”.

It was always something that I knew that I’d come around to again.  I just like doing it.  So, I made a short list of what a blogger could do to make sure that they stay abreast of the blogging world and to constantly develop their blogging skills.  You don’t have to do these things every day, but thinking about doing it will have your mind and creativity working subconsciously.

How to Self-Develop Your Blogging Skills.

  1.  Read Blogging Tips from Pro-Bloggers:  When stop by Darren Rowse’s blog or Yara Starak’s blog these days I may or may not read the post.  It all depends on who wrote it.  If it was written by one of those two guru’s, then yeah, I’m reading.  Any guest post, though, I’m going straight to the bio and wanting to know who the writer is and then checking out their siteMy reasoning is this:  Most guest posts are not as good as the blog owner’s writing and not as good as the guest poster’s site content.
  2. Read Blogs from within your niche:  Not everyone has a “Make Money Online” or “How to Blog” blog.  You need to keep in touch with what the popular blogs in your niche are talking about.  Study comments.  Leave comments.  This helps in traffic, SEO and knowing what is “hot” in your niche.
  3. Set up Google Alerts:  I set up a couple of Google Alerts per day.  My main reasoning is this:  I don’t normally subscribe to blogs.  I would rather just get the content that is pertinent to my interest and Google Alerts does a good job of sending me the important things I’m looking for.  Make sure that you set up your alerts for anything that you want to hear about on the daily.  It really is an underestimated tool!(Note: I do subscribe to some of the blogs that I really love…don’t get all haughty with me!)
  4.  Check out Social Media:  I like to check out the social media streams of my favorite blogs too.  There are some people who prefer to operate in that world and do most of their best commenting and posting in social circles rather than a comments section on a blog.  I follow, I study…I creep and lurk.
  5. Keep a Notebook:  Remember way back, about 315 words ago I mentioned that you’re brain and creativity will remain working?  Well, don’t rely on it!  Keep a note book of post ideas, new blog ideas and great tips that you’ve learned along the way.  It will come in handy later when you’re in need of blog content!

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