How To Stay Distraction Free When You Work From Home


How To Stay Distraction Free When You Work From Home

A full time work at home dude may be believed to be enjoying a lot of perks while being able to have a decent source of income in the same amount as those who are in the corporate world. Among these are avoiding stressful traffic before arriving at work, no fuel, office clothes, and expensive lunch costs, getting to be with the kids, not having to worry about a boss looking over one’s shoulders, no office politics, etc.

However, there’s one disadvantage that home based workers have to endure and that’s the wide array of distractions that comes in the way. With all the household and parent responsibilities and amusements, it is certainly easier to procrastinate when working at home.

So how does work at home professionals go through the temptations while getting jobs done? Here are a few helpful tips that they can do:

  1. Set a definite working space. While a work at home professional can freely choose to work in the sofa, bedroom, or dining room, having a definite working space can help gear up the right mind set for work amidst all the distractions.
  2. Try to schedule work when there are least distractions. This may mean having to work during the wee hours when everyone else is asleep, but if this will work best, then a work at home professional should go for it.
  3. Learn to say ‘no’. Being at home full time may make neighbours or relatives think that work at home professionals has all the time in the world hence, they are prone to being asked out for a couple of chats, receiving errand requests, chair a committee, etc. Work at home professionals may even have more stuff to finish than corporate employees since they are combining work with household responsibilities. Work at home pros can always say ‘no’ nicely if these favours and requests will lead to missing due dates.
  4. Have something that will help motivate to work efficiently. If a work at home professional has something to look forward to after all the work is done such as giving the kids all the attention, getting to work out, tending the garden,  watching a DVD movie, etc., it should be easier to focus on work rather than be tempted to give in to distractions.
  5. If the distraction seems to be too prevailing, maybe it’s time to give in. If avoiding the distraction becomes a distraction, perhaps it will be better to give in for a while. This can serve as a short break from work which will revitalize the home based worker when he resumes his work.

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