Infolinks really does work!


Infolinks really does work!

I’ve been struggling with the decision of whether or not to dump Infolinksin-text advertising basically since I started using it. It

just wasn’t working, but I liked it a lot. The people are cool and very helpful and adding new sites and getting them approved is a cinch as long as you’re submitting a site that qualifies.

But…it just wasn’t working. Until…

Until I started a blog that was not at all something I had been considering. I purchased a domain name and started building a blog about cell phone applications. I’d download them, use them and then review them. Right from the beginning, Infolinks was a winner on that site. And, so far, so is Adsense.

What Makes Some Types of Advertising Work Better Than Others

I’m convinced that it all depends on the niche now. I have blogs on family safety, web content writing, BFD here, Health and even one of coffee (though that didn’t last too long) and neither Adsense or in-text, like Infolinks, worked well on any of them. BFD has had limited success with Adsense-very limited. But this is more my fun house than anything else.

For some reason there are different psychological connections when it comes to tech, finance, and automobiles than there are with the other niches I started with. I think this has a lot to do with how we’re all taught to expect to have to check out a lot of different options when it comes to investing time or money with those topics. We just expect that when we’re buying or researching technical stuff, money matters or car shopping that we are going to have to research and compare more and that has allowed more of an acceptance to ads and propoganda.

For reason, those double underlined words that the Infolinks system chooses to advertise on scream out to the reader.

So why don’t all blogs work with other ads

Well, here it’s simple. This is a blog about making money blogging and writing. Most people who visit or come across BFD are already trying to make money with their own online properties or writing. They’re blind to the ads. I thought the affiliate ads that offer hosting, links and social networking would have worked better but so far…that hasn’t worked either.

But, riddle me this readers: A family safety blog would seemingly be money maker. I mean, what is more important to us than our families. If something called out to me and said “hey, we can protect your family-just click the shiny url” then I probably would. And, actually, that site of mine has performed a little better than BFD. Might I go back to it? Yes. Have I yet? Negative.

Picking A Niche

I once read that any niche can be made profitable, but I disagree. It all depends on the audience, the Cost Per Click, the products being sold, the traffic, the conversion, the ugh, ugh, ugh.

Here’s my final analysis: Making money with a blog is 75% luck and 25% research.

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