Life Without Adsense: How I Monetized My Blog


Life Without Adsense: How I Monetized My Blog

I’m talking about my Android blog here. Blogging For Dads continues to squalor in “internet playground” territory-which means I like this place and have fun here, but it really doesn’t do crap for me monetarily.

Anyway, my Adsense was disabled and I promised an “adsense alternative” post. I think this might be disappointing though because I

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really found no viable alternatives. So, I’m starting this post on one day and I’ll finish and post it on another just to make sure my thoughts are clear and fair.

I tried Clicksor, Adbrite, Adhitz and Chiitika…and pretty much they all stunk. Clicksor and Adhitz were the worst-no revenue this month. And with Chitika and Adbrite my total monthly revenue was .37. YAY!

My Blog Monetization Course of Action

The Android blog was getting decent traffic. Not good, great or awesome traffic…but decent, so I did two things.

I started offering reviews of Android apps on the blog and then tweeting, bookmarking and promoting my post URL on Fiverr and so far the results have been promising. Of course, I have to mix in a very popular app review in the mix to keep search engines “friendly”. I want to be clear here: these are not services offered on Blogsvertise or Sponsored Reviews…these are legit Android App developers wanting to market their app. (Just so Google knows…which, of course, they already do!)

I also joined Yaro Starak’s ad network called CrankyAds. If you’re looking for banner advertisement I suggest that you look into it.

I’ve also started emailing app developers to offer advertising space.

Infolinks is still running on the site and it is increasing in revenue.

So, the truth is, I actually have made money this month by being creative, WITHOUT Adsense, than I made any other month WITH Adsense. Go figure!

I guess the lesson is this: You can be successful online without Google and their ad network.

I currently have a series of posts that I’m working on and will publish on my new site Blog Builder HQ once they clear cache from deletion on Hubpages. (Hubapges were still showing my articles with Adsense even though they knew my account was disabled. They are now my enemies.

The Worst Thing About My Adsense Banning

I can’t use my favorites anymore with any kind of success, and some are now enemies of mine. Hubpages, Squidoo, and Triond are dead to me. I can only use them to write and make back links. I’ve been forced to create back links by article marketing or for writing for those before mentioned sites, but now with no hope of revenue.

Final Analysis:

I’m gonna’ make this work. I am. It’s just a lot more difficult and time consuming to find relevant affiliate advertisers and “marketing” my blogs for advertisers than it was before. I truly did take advantage of “slapping Adsense code onto a wordpress text widget” and seeing it populate and be relevant and pretty immediately.

So here it is. I hope this post doesn’t disappoint anyone that was expecting an in-depth of multiple ad networks but got only “the rest really aren’t good”. And, keep in mind, that’s just me. They just didn’t work for me. What is one blogger’s failure may be another’s fortune!

Next post will be sometime this weekend, just a short one to compare this month’s revenue from my Android blog with last month’s with Adsense….I think you’ll be surprised!

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