Make Money Online: I’m Back With A Purpose And Back Against A Wall

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Make Money Online: I’m Back With A Purpose And Back Against A Wall

That’s right ladies and gents’ , I finally sprang for a theme that I could optimize the way I wanted and which looks a lot cleaner than the last one we had here. However, that free theme served us well while we were in the BETA (that’s right, I’m calling it BETA…what of it?) phase here at Blogging For Dads. I’ll never forget you, Free WordPress Phone Gadget Theme… (You can find it by just typing those 5 words into a search engine if you wanted to use it.)

The Changes I’ve Been Making To My Blogging Endeavor

1. I picked this theme up at Solostream Premium WordPress Themes. I liked their service and themes so much that I decided to become an affiliate, as is evident by the cool affiliate link I just left for ya’. They have a great tutorial and support section for each of their themes and I even got a coupon from the site that made the decision easy. Good stuff. Check them out!

Maybe it’s just because the theme is new but I can already feel a difference when I come here. More to follow on whether you all the feel the same way or not…

Do you experiment with different layouts and themes on your blog?

2. I started a blog on a topic that I never thought I would because of a suggestion from a friend that when I branch out I go totally different. I did it and it feels great! I realized that I really do like the topic and can write for days on it. Not going to share that site with you all here, but I will fill you in on how it is doing from time to time. Having that variety has already paid off in regards to my writing energy and the muse.

We’ll see how that goes. It’s a pretty competitive niche but I think there is a good chance of ranking well for some great long-tail keywords.

Do you do keyword research? If so, which service or sites do you use?

3. I started an Adsense niche site, following the outline that I found within the Adsense Flippers guide book. I’m more than a little intrigued by those little niche sites they’re building and then selling (or keeping) so I thought I’d experiment a little with it. I’ll share the location of that site, and perhaps some others that I make along the way when I get going a little more with them. So far, I have just the one up but I did manage to get a theme and a page of content on it today. Next is 2-3 more pages of content and some back linking. The content could be lucrative for Adsense but I’m just not sure about the CTR (click through rate) yet.

How do you feel about creating an army of Adsense niche sites for the purpose of residual income or for selling on sites like

Blogging For Dads Posting Schedule Update

I am going to stick with the Tues, Thurs, Sat blog schedule for now. I like and it gives me time to either create content for my other sites or promote them with link building. I’m still writing an eBook, too. Eesh…

Do you have a posting schedule on your own blogs/sites? I’m curious to how everyone else manages their content creation.

Income Reports

I’m tempted to start posting income reports every month. What do you all think? A lot of the sites that I respect the most do this and I like that fact that they are upfront about their successes/failures/set-backs, etc. I think the only reason I would do so would be to ensure that I have a record of growth/success/failure down the road. Plus, I think it would be therapeutic for me and perhaps even help someone else!

Now, for the bad news…

Up-Front Paying

Hard times blogging? Don’t worry, be happy
Writing Sites Are Needed Again

That’s right, I may have to put a lot more time into writing for some up-front pay. Mainly because I’ve incurred a little bit of financial hardship lately and right in time for the Holidays. Yes, He doth have a sense of humor! That’s alright though. I can laugh with the best of them.

Before I started this residual earnings/blog venture I was doing pretty well writing for up-front pay. Not great, but I was doing it part-time and making around 1,000 per month. The only reason I started this blog and the rest of my residual money making efforts was because I was starting to think of the future. Well, now I gotta’ care of the present. I’m a little nervous about that though. As I visited Textbroker today I found the jobs were at meager levels.

Again, though, no big deal. I can even add those earnings into the monthly income round up at the end of each month. It’ll make me look more successful! Besides, this is a Work At Home Dad blog…

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