My Authority Site Got Penguin-ed, I’m Dabbling in PLR and Going back to Up-Front Payments


My Authority Site Got Penguin-ed, I’m Dabbling in PLR and Going back to Up-Front Payments

Okay, my smart phone blog didn’t exactly get killed. Here’s a quick rundown, though. It was doing great, and I even started to see days where the visits were just over a thousand. Yay! Then Penguin hit and I’m back to about 250-300 uniques a day. I’m not done with that site but I needed to make some SEO changes and I have.

The site is bringing in money though, through Android app reviews ($5 on Fiverr and $40 per direct sale). I’ve been able to sell 4 directs and about 20 Fiverr gigs…so that’s what?…$260 over the last 3 months. Couple that with other gigs such as promoting developers apps to 10k Android followers on Twitter and running banner campaigns, and the Android site has made about $360 total over March, April and May.

Infolinks payouts are low, but steady. I was able to monetize one of my other sites dealing with military spouses, with a focus on military loans and financial aid. That is starting to pay and with a little more work at traffic, I think it can easily bring in about $5 per day just with Infolinks , as it is already doing about .75 to $1.00 with VERY LITTLE TRAFFIC…I mean 30-50 visits a day. That just goes to show you how some niches and topics are more monetizable than others. I hate to think how well Adsense might do on that blog…(Update: 16 June 2012 I’ve been working the hell out of that site for 4 days, adding content, building links on Military blogs and spreading the word. Two days ago the earnings jumped to $2.62 just with Infolinks. See? Find the right site and it works!)

To understand why I don’t talk Adsense earnings here, read these articles if you want:

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As far as other earnings…not so much going on. I started bidding in Elance again and I’m going to complete an Odesk profile tonight probably. Anything to put some money in the pocket. I applied to work for some Teams in the new Textbroker Team Order function. We’ll see how that goes.

PLR Article Dabbling

My new venture, and one that I’m going to divulge here, is My whole aim is to be able to retire and make money online from home. So, why not start a small content writing business? Rates are low at C4B but there’s plenty of room to feel it out and raise them if need be.

While I was announcing my new content writing biz in the Digital Points forum, a nice lady pointed out that I shouldn’t forget about PLR articles for some residual income…and to be honest, the domain name is pretty nice for that kind of thing.

Here’s a post from C4B that explains how I feel about PLR articles and how they should be used:

How to Use PLR Articles

My PLR Situation

When I start something new like this I usually gorge on information and I have been doing that in regards to PLR article selling for the last 72-96 hours.

When I say “I’m selling PLR” I don’t mean that I’m buying ass-loads of PLR crap by the bundle and then “re-bundling” them for sale. Negative. I don’t like that.

I am writing all new articles based on some keyword and hot niche research. Then I’m placing them on e-junkie and selling PLR packs of 3 to articles with limits of 50 and 100; no more than that will ever be sold.

Eventually, if things go alright, I’ll hire some writers to do some writing for me so that I can add to the library. Right now, though, it’s easy does it.

Anywho…that’s it. Just wanted to let people know that I was still alive and kicking around in the blogosphere. I’m just trying to find a groove and then grow that into something nice.

Until we meet again…

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