Need a Press Release and Distribution? Try


Need a Press Release and Distribution? Try

I’m a little behind with my posts here at BFD but believe me there are a list of things that I need to talk about. I need to post my earnings from March, which I hope to do in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I wanna’ talk about getting the news out. The news about your blogs and sites, that is.

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I was looking for a good Press Release site and was willing to pay a little bit for prime service and as much distribution as I could get. That’s when I came across

I like what they offer and I think the prices, especially the Gold Package are very reasonable. So I gave them a try. I am big on customer service and they are proving worthy. They sent me a release that was written by a writer that they paid and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t native American written and the information was kind of off. I emailed them back telling them I was upset with the release and I wanted a revision. They got back with me almost immediately and apologized and said they had sent the information to another release writer. The next day I got this email from Keith Hudson over at Google News Submit:

“Ken, we are truly sorry and also not satisfied with the Press result, nor
with the newest one. We have replaced the write and chosen a new release
writer that has worked with us for quiet some time. We will send over a new
release as soon as it becomes available.

We are sorry for the delay.”

Now, you may think this made me upset, but on the contrary. This email showed me that the service and company is truly dedicated to keeping me, the customer, happy. Another thing that Keith did was respond to me by name. I like that. I don’t like the “Sir’s” and when I see “Dear Valued Customer” or something of the sort, it makes me wanna’ punch someone.

So, if you’re looking for a good, paid, press release service then give these peeps a try.

That’s all for now. BTW…no affiliate links here, just a shout out.

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