Passive Income Ideas For Working Dads And Moms


Passive Income Ideas For Working Dads And Moms

I’ve been doing a lot research lately on making passive income by writing for places like HubPages, Squidoo and InfoBarrel. I’ve written for them before but that was mainly to get backlinks and build link wheels that point back to here. I wasn’t always keen on writing for these places.

I started reading some of success stories of people who actually make money writing for those three places and I’m gonna’ start doing a little writing for them with some actual keyword research and a little strategy.

The 3 Best Places To Write For Passive Income

(I’ll tell you why they’re the best in a bit)


By far my favorite of the three. The platform makes it easy to do everything that I need to do to make my articles (called “Hubs”) standout. I like the fact that I can earn with Adsense, Amazon and Ebay-depending on the type of Hub I’m writing. They also have an independent “Hubpages Earnings Program” which is based off of a combination of ad clicks and impressions.
There’s also an extensive tutorial system of Hubs written by the owners and other Hubbers to help you out and answer the tricky questions.

Just started with this writing site, but some of it looks promising. While the writing platform is not as pretty as Hubpages, you do get a 75% split of ad revenue from the site. It’s just not as user friendly as HubPages.

A weird little place created by Seth Godin. Did you know there are people who actually make and sell Squidoo Lens’? (That’s what the articles are called here-a “lens” into your world or something that Seth said.) That caught my attention. And they don’t frown upon putting in affiliate links to sell products that you write about.
The platform is similar to HubPages in its set up where you actually add certain types of modules (text, rss, links, comments, photos, etc) but the one thing I absolutely HATE about Squidoo is that you have to enter your own code every time you want to bold, italicize or link anything. That’s a pain in the ass.
Now For the Bad News About This Passive Income Stuff

You get a little help from the sites because they’re already ranked well by Google-better than a new blog anyway. But you still have to backlink, link, promote and write your ass off to make decent money. The sites PR just helps a little.
Each of these sites continue to get hammered by Google’s Panda updates (Squidoo is weathering the storm the best from what I can see and hear). It makes me mad that some stupid content producers that spam the hell out of these sites can be ruin it for everyone. That being said, InfoBarrel has the absolute BEST vetting system. Their articles are not automatically approved and then monitored and swept for violations later.
This is just an experiment for me for now. I’m not promising riches-or any money at all. Just something to look into. On each site there are people making mad money so it is possible if done the right way (hard work, keyword research, backlinking, promotion and writing your ass off)
The forums, internet “gossip” and feedback about these places could make a grown man cry. Don’t buy into the hype. Everyone was hurt by Panda. Some decided to adjust and plug on. Others are still spending most of their creative energy in clobbering forums and comment boxes with “the sky is falling and that just sucks” gibberish instead of seeking cover and going somewhere else where the sky is still intact.

As Promised: Why These Are The Best 3 Sites For Passive Income

So, why are these 3 places the best sites to make a passive income online with? HubPages and InfoBarrel have an easy referral program where you earn a % of any reference’s revenue. You don’t have to write there to make money…just refer! It is a tiny percent but if you got just a few serious writers from each of these sites then it can add up. Keep referring and keep growing your passive income! And, yes, those were all of my affiliate links up there! Actually..

Squidoo doesn’t have a referral program (I couldn’t find one anyway, although there is a “Squid Referrals” section on my stats tabs.) But here’s the thing: While Hub and Info both have issues with affiliate links-Squidoo doesn’t! You can promote lots of products there with a few hundred words of review.

Places like Associated Content don’t have a referral program that I know of. Well, they do. It goes like this: You refer someone and you get nothing! Then there are places that have good referral programs but those places themselves aren’t always accepting writers, like Examiner. What the hell is the sense of referring someone who can’t join? By the time the site opens back up again… know…

Passive Income. I’m gonna’ try it out!

Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it: In my last post I talked about how I was going to start writing for up-front paying sites again to earn some money that I need desperately right now. Well, that isn’t going to happen. I just couldn’t. I won’t. I’ve decided not to. I’ll collect cans and stuff envelopes if I have to but I just can’t write for up-front pay anymore. I’ve been “passivized”.

Maybe at some point that will all change-again. I’ve written for Textbroker and for clients at Elance with some success, and I have clients at those places that I will write for again if asked to. In the future, when I am truly staying at home and making money on the internet I probably will do stuff like that again…but not now. The whole point of “now” is to build up a stream of passive income to supplement any work I do have to do in the future. I forgot that for a minute.

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