PLR Articles, My First Sale and Finding Passion Again


PLR Articles, My First Sale and Finding Passion Again

Okay…so a couple of posts ago I wrote about my new experiment with PLR articles through my new content writing service. Since it’s a service that I’m offering, rather than solely a blog, my decision was to blog once a week on Sundays. That way I knew that the times I would actually miss a post would be rare because I’m SO not busy on Sundays. I don’t know…maybe I’m just being lazy but I like the idea that I can take time constructing a post. I can write a little of it any day of the week and even complete it early. Then I can just go to my WP admin screen and schedule it for a Sunday.

Yeah, I know, Sundays aren’t the best choice but it’s the day I chose. Bite me!

Anyway, I woke up late this morning. I’ve been sleeping better. Around Thanksgiving of 2011 I had my world turned upside down and I am just now getting over it. I feel normal again. Someday I’ll write a post here and explain how I almost never came back to Blogging for Dads.

The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone and my email. It’s a habit, and one that I’m not entirely proud of. I’m addicted to my damn smart phone. Oh well…

In my email was a message from E-Junkie informing me that I had made a sale. I was excited but I’ve learned not to get too caught up in that sort of thing. After a month of writing blog posts (good ones, I think), promoting in forums like Digital Point and the Warrior Forum and learning everything I could about “good PLR”, I have only made $5. LOL!

The good news about “feeling better” and getting out of my funk is that I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’ve created Squidoo Lenses, my PLR articles, I’ve continued to blog regularly on my Android app review site, my Military Spouse site and I’ve been throwing content on BFD here a little more often. I’ve also been writing for the article mills to get some back links for my new sites. And the thought of going back to micro-fiction for the sheer joy of it has crossed my mind as well.

But that’s way things go with this online money making venture of mine. There are ups and downs. I get excited and I get knocked down.

Right now, I’m on an “up”. I feel good about life and I like writing again. For a while there it seemed like I was writing for the sole

blogging for passion

That’s me…feeling good! Like a
purpose of making money on blogs. I started to lose my feel for writing from the heart and found myself paying more attention to keyword density and “snazzy” headlines. Those things are important for blogging and the search engines, sure, but damn if I can’t make myself happy first. Like I’ve said before, “eff Google”. Now, instead of just saying it…I’m actually doing it. Felicia from No Job For Mom told me the same thing once in an email and now I think back to that message with a little smile. (I’m sorry, Felicia didn’t say “eff Google” she said “blog from the heart and not for Google”)

Another thing that helped me get back to my “center” was Leo Babauta’s blog, “ZenHabits”. This guy writes astounding, heartfelt posts. He has no advertising on his blog. It is completely un-copyright protected and it has 250,000 subscribers. I’d recommend checking it out. He blogs about things he loves. He’s a great writer. He’s making a killing doing it.

So, I’ve decided not to get TOO excited about anything anymore. I have a plan. I’m putting my head down and following it. And I’m staying centered. It either will or won’t work out. I’ll still be the obnoxious, asshole that I always have been, though. I like that “me” and I’m sticking with him.

It’s been fun and enlightening so far and I’m not getting off this ride anytime soon. I’m glad to be back to “me” and a Work At Home Dad again. That’s how it all started out, after all.

P.S. Another thing that has been helping me is the fact that my TV shit the bed. While I long for my TBS re-runs sometimes, the lack of distraction has been cleansing.

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