Social Media’s Impact on Search Engine Results


Social Media’s Impact on Search Engine Results

The more I explore the value of social media in online blogging and businesses, it seems the more people I find who are hesitant of becoming a “social media” player.

There tends to be a factor of discomfort for some, especially those who aren’t used to the social media platforms or those who feel that Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Digg are “for the young ones”.

Let me break down for you Blogging Dude style: Today’s internet world is highly influenced by those social factors and will that impact will only grow over time. Social media is the same thing as the local coffee shop used to be, or the PTA meetings where recipes, best lawnmower brands, and the name of a good divorce lawyer were exchanged. The more people recommended a particular meatloaf mixture, the most powerful grass cutter, and the hot-shot lawyer from down the street-then the more people moved in those directions.

Social media today is the same thing. A “+1″, retweet, Facebook like and a share on Digg is an endorsement of an article, site, page, service or product.

Google is constantly fine tuning their search engine algorithm to provide searchers with quality results. Search engine optimization can be a fickle beast, that is difficult for many to understand, but that’s because they become so involved and obsessed with that they lose sight of the real factors that will rank them high on SERP.

Ready for the secret? Endorsement.

This is why Google has for a long time now put so much importance in one links to sites as a factor for their algorithm. They believe, and rightly so, that the more people who link to a site or an article it must mean that the particular webpage has some kind of true quality. The problem is that people start doing shady stuff like using automated software to build thousands and thousands back links to their own sites. This isn’t endorsement. This is cheating.

The fix is a mixture of both. Smart bloggers, online entrepreneurs and businesses (along with the search engines) now understand that true endorsement comes from a combination of search engine optimization and social media campaigns.

It’s easy to understand. If someone reads your article on your famous meatloaf recipe then they will only share that article if it provides quality information or is proven useful. THEIR reputation is now on the line so when they like, tweet, plus or digg that article it now MEANS something.

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