Starting A New Blog? Run A Contest via Facebook!


Starting A New Blog? Run A Contest via Facebook!

I just really found out about this idea the other day when my buddy mentioned that we do it with our new endeavor that we’re starting. Run a contest before launch!

So, here’s what I learned about running a Blog Contest Opening

We chose the niche, template, and started a banner logo contest over at Digital Point forums. Usually you can get a pretty cool and professional logo by starting a $25-$50 contest and get it in about 48hrs. (Before being able to post a contest you need 25 actual forum comments, though, so keep that in mind.
We installed the Themefuse plugin for our Worpress site which is basically a “maintenance” or “under construction” page that shows if people come across your blog. It will show how “far along” you are to the “grand opening” as well…right now we’re at 45% and plan to launch on 1 April
We started posting content and created social media pages and links to the site.
We chose 5 logos from the Digital Point contest. (For the site itself and for our Facebook timeline page.)
The contest: We’re promoting the blog launch via our Facebook page. We’re getting people to vote and choose for their favorite logo option and “like” our page. The logo with the most likes, wins, and then we randomly pick a winner who voted for it. What do they get? Right now we’re playing around with giving away a couple of Amazon gift cards.
So, What does running a blog contest opening do?

Not sure, really, lol. It’s my first dance with it. The key is, though, to target the right people. We are starting a sort of “retirement from the Army” blog…so we started promoting our Facebook page on prominent Army sites and Facebook pages. That way we get the targeted audience that we are aiming for. Our Twitter accounts have Army personnel on them and the site’s Twitter account is quickly being followed by veterans, Soldiers and those that are currently getting ready to transition to the civilian world.

I’m excited about it and we’ll see how it goes. Every site you start is a gamble but the key is to think outside the box, prepare, promote, post and populate with targeted followers.

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