Stay Motivated and Focused Working at Home


Stay Motivated and Focused Working at Home

I’ll tell you the truth, it’s easy for me to stay motivated at this work at home dad thingy.  It really is.  I am a natural home body, a recluse almost, and enjoy being in my living or at my desk more than anything else in the world.  The military does that to you.  There are so many deployments and time away from home that as a dad you learn to really relish being surrounded by the kids, spouse and a familiar bathroom at all times.  So, I relish being able to work at home.

For some dads just starting out it can present issues though.  First there’s the chance of burnout because you were so excited at first that you spent every waking minute working and dealing with the household.  Then you could lose motivation to work and seek new job opportunities.  There are distractions to deal with such as Facebook, Twitter and checking Google data for your site.  Then there are the “I’ll just stay in bed a little longer” and “hey, I can come back to this project later” traps.  Here’s a few suggestions to deal with each.

Schedule To Avoid Freelancing Burnout

I’ll never stop preaching it because it will never lose importance.  Schedule work hours just like you would if you had a regular 9 to 5 job.  Tell yourself you’re going to work for a set amount of hours per day or a set amount of words or projects then write it in a planner.  If there are appointments or activities to take place during the day or night that’s fine (one of the reason’s you wanted to work from home was so you could make those, right?)  but you have to still hit your daily goal.  One of the beauties of working from home is that you can keep any schedule you want as long as you are meeting deadlines and goals.  You can schedule time at night and on the weekends to make up for a three hour ball game you went to see or a long breakfast with the wife.

When “at work” Work

Ok, you did it! You’ve set the work schedule for the week and you you’re in the middle of a two-hour set of concentrated bang out time!  So, why are you checking Twitter, reading blogs and posting on FB to your golf buddy?  Stay off.  Their the devil when it comes to working at home!  Hell, they’re the devil when it comes to working at work which is why so many company networks actually web wash them out.  I read great article about this software called LeechBlock which allows to turn those things off!  Do it! Use it!  Thank me later….  Setting up something like LeechBlock will do wonders for you work at home jobs.

Remember The Alternative

If your schedule starts early try to get some quality work in during those hours while everyone else is asleep.  This is prime work time!  If you have morning “get the kids up, fed and off to school early” duty then do that, too. But at least once or twice during the morning hours…between 7:30 and 8:30, grab a cup of coffee or tea and stand outside your front door.  And just watch.  Watch as every other dad does the same things you do in the morning and then has to rush to work to be locked in cubicles all day.  They have lunch hours and break rooms.  You have your own schedule and a full kitchen.  Then smile and go back to work!

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