Still Riding WooThemes Band Wagon!


Still Riding WooThemes Band Wagon!

It’s been about two months since I switched most of my blogs to Canvas from WooThemes. Just recently I wrote a post on Content 4 Blogs about keeping your blog fresh. In that post I also announced the new logo that I put up on the site. The reason I came to BTFD to post further about how to keep a blog fresh is because I continue to be amazed at how fluid the Canvas theme is.

I have a little of attention deficit and compulsiveness in me. I get bored pretty damned easy. It’s why you’ll see weeks without a post here at BTFD. It’s not that I don’t visit my baby every day; I just don’t always have an interest in writing about how to blog successfully when I can spend that time actually writing for clients and making money via C4B. (By the way, you should check it out!)

Keeping Your Blog Fresh is Important

I’m not talking about always updating your blog with quality, fresh content of different mediums here. That subject has been over-done and if you’re a blogger and don’t “get it” yet, then I’m sorry.

What I’m talking about here is making a change on your blog so that when your constant readers show up they say, “ooh, that’s new”.

With C4B all I did was change the logo and tweak the colors of my links and navigation bar just a little bit. To me, it’s a more attractive site now. I’m waiting for feedback to see if others agree.

Canvas is the only WordPress theme I have come across that allows me to change everything and anything about the appearance of my blogs as I want to.

It allows me to keep people surprised and intrigued by the sites that I have it installed on. And that’s important to me.

A lived in blog is a cared for blog.

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