Tips to Start and Get Success: Guest Posting

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Tips to Start and Get Success: Guest Posting

If you are thinking to do guest post then you must do it because doing guest post you can increase your blog traffic quickly.

Now days it became a common thing to do guests post on other site?

If you are doing a guest post for a first time and your post got rejected don’t be upset do some edit and resubmit to other blogger.

Here are some tips how you can start doing guest post.

How to Choose the Topic for the Guest Post- You can choose any topic but it should be relevant to the blog. Do complete analyses of that blog then make a post for that blog?

Here are few Tips to make a relevant post
1.Read all the guidelines given in the blog. If it is not given then you may contact to the owner of that site and you may ask to it.

2. I have already said that you should analyze that blog for that you can see the popular post and recent post of the blog.

3. Your Writing Style matter a lot. If you have written a long paragraph then no one going to read that post and owner of that blog will also not accept it, try to make the post interesting and point wise.

 Use simple words:- You should use simple word because most people can’t understand the difficult words. Make it easy so that they can understand quickly. But don’t write like 5th grade class child

Prove you are the authority: – as you are doing guest post you must do lot and research and statistics. And prove all your points and show the audience you are expert blogging. As they will surely going to visit in your site.
What Thing you should Do after your article has published?

Tell your Friends to read that article and comment on them.

  • If the owner of that blog has accepted and published it then say thanks by sending email to him.
  • When your article got published then promote article by yourself in social media site.
  • Don’t copy content from other site.
  • Make your writing style different from other.
  • Make a killer heading because people love different things
  • Don’t make a grammar mistake in your article.
  • Make your article to the point, they try to mix up all the things
  • Tell detail thing about the topic and write a conclusion also at the end of the article
  • Write a Guest post which doesn’t get rejected?

If you follow these things then I think your article will not be rejected

Reason why you should start Guest Post

1. It will create a Backlinks and it will increases trust rate.

2. Build more traffic

3. It can increase comments in your site.

4. You can become better writer.

5. You can learn from other bloggers also.

6. More experience you will get and more knowledge

7. You can leave an impression on other people.

8. It will increase you Brand Name.

9. It will Increase you DA and PR also.


By writing a guest post you can gain many things like site traffic, your DA will also increase and more backlinks will create, when there will be more back link then you have good rank of your blog. I have seen some Great writer, who do guest post daily. And they are the best. You can also be one of then you just need to concentrate on your writing part.

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