Why Google+ (Plus) is Dead!


Why Google+ (Plus) is Dead!

I’ve been trying to grow my social media following here on Blogging Tips for Dads and my Blog Writing Service site. I’ve been noticing something with Google+ A LOT lately.

It seems that Google+ is dead…I mean really DEAD. I’ve visited the Google+ pages of Hollywood stars and starlets. I’ve looked around at popular online entities (both individuals and brands) and guess what? More and more pages are going without updates. In some cases, these pages have not been touched in month.

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    Anyways, back to the subject at hand.

Why Google+ Died So Young!

It’s a pity, really. While I’m not the biggest fan of Google, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Android and I was really looking forward to this new social network that Google was rolling out. But it never really got off the ground, right?

Here’s Why Google+ (PLUS) Never Really Got Going!

Internet Marketers and Bloggers

People like myself. Yeah, I’m guilty. Since Google announced the plans for their own social network, internet marketers and bloggers started to salivate over another way to brand and sell themselves and their products. So, it was never really going to be a social media tool for them.

“We the people” touted Google+ (PLUS) as a Facebook competitor…it never really was.

I wonder, and I couldn’t find the information online, how many Internet Marketers and Bloggers actually have PERSONAL Google+ pages. I would safely bet that the number is only a fraction of the amount that have personal Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Again, it was looked at primarily as a marketing tool by most of us and Facebook really is enough to talk to mom and friends from high school!

Truth Be Told: Google+ is not user friendly and it sucked at this from the beginning.

I hate the damn network. I use it. I post when I can with my blog posts and try to think of something witty to say…but it’s just not as attractive to interact with as Facebook. It lags. I can’t ever get my pages from the “more” tab to load. It takes a long time to load. It just tries to do too much!

The Future of Facebook vs. Google+

I see Facebook winning the social media war…even over Twitter!

Right now, Facebook doesn’t have the leverage in the world community that Google has. Okay, FB has “social media” advantage but with all other things, it’s lagging. But I think that’s going to change. They’re already trying to compete with Facebook apps and music.

I can’t wait until Facebook opens up an ad revenue sharing network like Google Adsense and really throws the gauntlet down on Google!

Google’s heavy hitter is the search engine and the ad network that makes all that money. If Facebook can do it right, I think that a lot of Google’s power and revenue will be lost and bring the playing field a little more level. Personally, I’m already having better luck promoting my blog writing service with Facebook ads over Google Adwords.

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