Why Hiring Bloggers is a Good Idea – and Why It’s Not


Why Hiring Bloggers is a Good Idea – and Why It’s Not

Anyone doing business online who also has time to maintain a blog is either not sleeping at night, or not currently generating a lot of business. After hearing for years that frequent blogging is the key to growing a successful following, many business and website owners are struggling with the decision to hire someone to manage their blogs for them.

Outsourcing is pretty popular among corporations these days. For example, plenty of global giants no longer directly handle their own accounting and payroll services. Having said that, blogging requires different skills than crunching the numbers. If you can’t fit blogging into your schedule and are thinking about hiring a blogger, just be sure to keep both sides of this issue in mind:

Why It Works

Every blogging expert in the world has spent endless hours emphasizing the importance of keeping your blog fresh and relevant. Doing it while serving customers and managing your business? Yeah, good luck with that. Here are just a few of the reasons why outsourcing blog content might make sense for you:

You don’t have time: When you’re working 70 hours a week just to get your business off the ground, the last thing you want to do is write 500 words about the business you’re running. Hiring an outside writer takes that item off your to-do list. Plus, once you’ve set some guidelines and created a content schedule, your blog writers can practically run it themselves.

You can’t write/hate writing: Being a great CPA or graphic designer usually doesn’t translate into being a great blogger. Or maybe you just cringe at the thought of putting anything into a permanent record. Many professional bloggers know how to write and presumably enjoy doing it, which leads to better content and a higher quality blog.

Your blogging skills are nil: You know you need a blog, but you only know enough about SEO, keywords and analytics to know they exist. Most content writers have either studied these concepts or learned them on the job. Their expertise can help you deliver a highly-optimized blog with great search engine rankings without having to study it on your own.

Why It Doesn’t

Even if one of the situations listed above applies to you, it may not be wise to bring in an outside blogger. When you outsource anything, you no longer have complete control. In the end, you may end up paying for your vendor’s shortcomings or spending all your time finding just the right fit. Here are some other reasons why you might want to proceed with caution:

Your niche is super-specialized: Many freelance bloggers have expertise in certain fields, but they’re ultimately writers first and experts second. For instance, you don’t need specialized training to write about attending college online. If, though, you share insider’s knowledge on the topic, an outside writer might not know enough to deliver what your readers expect.

Your voice is your brand: As a blogger myself, I’d like to think I present my ideas in a voice that can’t easily be imitated. Yes, ghostwriters exist and get paid very well, but they might not write your blog quite as well, especially if your product is your unique voice and ideas. Besides, your readers might feel a little cheated if they knew you weren’t writing all those awesome posts.

It takes time to get it right: Once you find a blogger who gets you and your business, never let that person go. In the meantime, though, you may have to try out several writers before finding someone who’s trustworthy, reliable, and delivers the type of content you want. If you want to get it right the first time, wait to find the right person before handing off the job.

There’s no right answer on whether to outsource your blog. But if you’re not sure, think about your business’s needs and proceed from there.

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