Work At Home , meet FREE Per Click Advertising


Work At Home , meet FREE Per Click Advertising

I have a Facebook account but I don’t use it for any kind of work at home dad activity, social media marketing or to drive traffic to my blogs. I use it a lot though. I keep in contact with my kids, family and friends. It’s also a fun release for me. And personal. That’s why I won’t use it like that. Everyone I know uses Facebook.

Twitter on the other hand is a totally different story. I’m the only person I know that uses Twitter. I like that. My family and friends would be all over my Facebook fan page in about 2 days. What’s so wrong with that you ask?

It muddles my vision. The vision for my blog. The vision I have to make money blogging and being a full-time work at home dad in 3-5 years.

How Facebook Muddles My Work At Home Dad Mind

I wouldn’t know who is really reading my blog because they find my stuff interesting or if I was being paid attention to in the “Hey, I use to go to high school with this guy” or the “look at my son’s blog thingy”. I want my blog to be free from any of that.

If I make personal connections with readers here or another blogger whose site I like, I want it to be purely from my online working dad efforts. I don’t want the bias traffic that I would surely get. In a totally awkward circumstance, there’s also the “don’t click on my ads” warning that I would have to give everyone. I mean, to me, that’s just rude. Why can’t they interact with my site if they wanted to? Why? Because Google says so that’s why. Then they ban my Adsense account and this work at home dad/blogging dad thing gets squashed before it even really got going. No thanks.

How Twitter Is FREE-Per-Click Advertising

I’ll just direct you to what I call my Twitter post for work at home dads and let you figure out how to use SocialOomph, TweetAttacks, and a Twitter account. Actually, that blog post will tell you exactly how to use it.

But, seriously, think about it. You build a Twitter account that is branded with your blog background, add targeted followers and then tweet regularly with various urls back to your blog. That’s FREE-per-click advertising. I currently have two Twitter accounts with 4k followers in each. That’s peanuts. My aim is to have as many as I can get, so I keep building.

I know that people clicking through to my blogs will be doing so based solely on my internet marketing efforts, FOR FREE! If you’re a work at home dad then you could do worse then to implement a MEGA Twitter following!

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