Work At Home Opportunities For Dads: Be Wary of “Get Rich Quick” Offers


Work At Home Opportunities For Dads: Be Wary of “Get Rich Quick” Offers

I was Googling some “work at home dad” sites today to go check out some forums and columns where I could get some tips, meet new stay home dads and get ideas.  I spent probably a good 2 hours doing this while watching the Red Sox thrash the Yankees.  One thing that kept on recurring in discussions was that of “scams” and the “get rich quick” schemes that seem to abound on blogs and internet marketing sites.

There is something to be said for being wary online and of offers that are presented to you there. It makes me mad to think some people are out there solely to trick and fool others while making a quick buck. Many people who are looking to work online are those that are seeking to make a dream come true. Others physically can’t work, or can’t find work. Why crush dreams?  Why exploit weakness?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking at ads or perusing websites that promise riches for little effort.

Pay Attention To Content, Not Flash

You’ll see all kinds of ads on websites today.  Flash ads. Pop-up ads. Squeeze pages. Flashes. Bangs. Animation. Videos. Tricky redirects. I’m not saying all these ads are bad. In a world that is formed by flash, convenience, and the likes of Facebook and Twitter it is hard for advertisers and marketers not to use whatever they can to gain your attention. I would say this, click on anything that catches your attention. Watch out on the landing page though! That is when you should pay attention to content rather than colors and moving parts.

It’s true, this is where the marketer should be giving you their best pitch. Their most wiley sales maneuver.  It should be grabbing your attention. The copy should be full of call to action words phrases and paragraphs. But we’re dads! We know a skilled rim-ram when we see one! You need to be extra wary on these pages but you should also pay attention to the content.

As a personal preference any page in which I can scroll down for what seems like an eternity is one that I usually stay away from. To me that just means the author or marketer is trying too hard to keep me on the page for an extended period of time.  Why? To what cause? Most likely their sole purpose is to continue selling you on their product in an effort and attempt to get you to click on one of the many, many links that are sure to be present.

These are merely marketing ploys. Secrets of the web. Ethos of the Internet Marketer.  The truth is, if you can’t find what you’re looking for within the first few moments of reading then there is probably not a thing there that will benefit you.

Testimonials Can Be Faked

“ is the greatest website ever I’ve ever been to. The administrator is a keen, intellectual genius who knows exactly what he’s talking about on all subjects. Highly recommended and you should pay them all the money that you have.” – Santa Claus, satisfied bloggingdudes viewer.

Need I say anything more on the subject? But I will of course. There is always more to say.

Some testimonies are real. No doubt about it. But do this next time you think about buying a product based on testimonials; stop  and go to the contact page and request that the administrator, or author,  or guru send you the  listing of an equal amount ofunsatisfied customers. See how long it takes for any response. Better yet, open up a search engine, type in the name of the website or product/service they’re offering, followed by the word “review”.

For example, “, review” and see what comes up.

Earnings Graphics Can Be Faked

You’ll see this on many websites, especially those of click bank affiliates. Huge earnings in a short amount of time.

“$10,000, two weeks… See how it’s done here!”  Bang!  Boom! Fa-Shizzle!

Is it true? Maybe. Maybe not. The point is to not let this be the sole reason for buying a service or product.

As work at home dads we cannot allow ourselves to be imprudent, impressionable or dimwitted.

The Easiest Way To Tell

Simply stated: if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. If something promises lots of anything with little effort then it is probably BS.

We know this already, of course. As dads we are taught and self learned to never let anything endanger or in any way threaten our families or household. But for some reason when the question of making money comes up we (anyone!)will leap head on into the unknown. Why? Because it is for this sole reason that we are looking to make money in the first place.  Yes, for the exact opposite reasons that we should be wary in the first place! We’re looking to earn a living at home the betterment of our family and for the sustainment of our household.  We are men, grunt grunt…it’s what we do….we provide. But we can’t allow our passions, needs (instinctual, primal responsibilities included), wants and desires to take precedence over rational thinking.

There are some people who I will always listen to when it comes to making money online and blogging. There are others whose newsletters and blog posts I’ll read but then meditate on before making the decision as to whether I would follow it or not. Usually in that case I’ll go work out or grab a cup of coffee somewhere, just to get myself away from the “click here” button”. And, unfortunately, there are those that I know that are fake, good-for-nothings who want my money but don’t want to offer anything that will truly help me get ahead.

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