Working For Money At Home: Challenges and Opportunities


Working For Money At Home: Challenges and Opportunities

We’ve stated it before on this site:  To make money from home can have you feeling like the luckiest guy on Earth.  It truly feels good to sit in a front of a

computer with a cup of coffee or a sandwich and make money online.  If you’ve been stuck in the grind of a 9 to 5 for a long time the feeling of control and independence can be euphoric.

Then at other times you can feel as though the whole world is crash

Chill.  Calm down.  This will past.  It’s just part of the new grind that comes with making money at home.  Freelancing isn’t fun, working from home is!

Focus On The Good Things At All Times

There was a time when you were rolling, right?  And if you’re just starting there will be a time when you’re thinking, “why didn’t I try to make money from home a long time ago.  This is great!”  We’ve all been there. But in the beginning, when the slow times come, it can push you to the limits because there’s little go on that you can reference that will convince that the sky isn’t falling.

Until you learn how to plan the next weeks writing schedule and where your most successful finding jobs you’ll go through periods like this.  But this is good news because you’ll get better at that.  The real scary stuff is when you have  a week or two planned out and the bottom falls out.

This is the main reason why most online freelancers will always advise newbies to diversify their job sites and sources.  Bidding sites, private clients, up-front paying sites, Craig’s list, and personal ads will make sure that you have a steady stream of potential money from a diversified pool.

Work, Blog, Work, Blog

What’s a great way to make money online and not have to rely on anyone or anything than your own motivation and savvy?  Blogs!  Monetizing blogs and working them until their successful can be lucrative and fulfilling.  Not to mention that you will be learning how to be a good online writer as you do it.  You’ll study SEO  and keywords like a madman!  You may even forget to sleep…ooh, now that’s fun!

If you can’t find work then work on your blog. It’s the perfect opportunity.  Don’t drive yourself batty and throw yourself into depression by visiting sites hundreds of times a day hoping they’ll be work.  Work on your blog.  If you’re not a writer you should still have a business blog/site.  Work on it!  You don’t have to always be adding content (though I would suggest that it be 75% of your blog time!) but you can tweak appearance, ad placement and SEO.

Never stop looking for new ways to make money online from the house with your freelancing skills and always ensure you have another place to look!  Making money from home can be rewarding and full of opportunities but there are challenges and frustrations as well.  Get’er done, dads!

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